Meet The Team

You have the choice of 3 Doctors of Chiropractic, who offer a unique blend of chiropractic techniques for your whole body, tailored to your individual needs.

Dr Damien O’Dwyer BSc, PGDipSc, PhD, MChiro, DC
Dr Mae Turrell-Taylor MChiro
Dr Callum R. Williams MChiro 

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Dr Damien O’Dwyer, BSc, PGDipSc, PhD, MChiro, DC.

Doctor of Chiropractic (Activator Methods Advanced Proficiency)

Dr O’Dwyer joined our team as one of the most highly qualified chiropractors in the UK.

Dr O’Dwyer has 4 science and health-related university degrees, including a PhD in Medical Research and a Master of Chiropractic.

He graduated from the Bournemouth chiropractic college (AECC) with the award for the “Most Holistic Practitioner”. In 2007 he was invited to return to teach as a Clinical Tutor.

“I was introduced to chiropractic by my parents, after they experienced life changing benefits from chiropractic care. At 8 years old I had a stiff, painful neck (torticollis). My parents took me to a chiropractor, who was the first healthcare professional to explain how my body functions and talked about health in a holistic way. This planted the seed which kept growing.”

Damien believes Chiropractic is beneficial for all in the community. He has cared for babies (from days old) to people into their second century!

Damien has run popular chiropractic practices in Australia and the UK.

People seeking Dr O’Dwyer’s expertise are impressed by his extensive knowledge, and thorough and committed approach to their health and wellbeing.

Damien offers a combination of safe, gentle and effective chiropractic techniques, depending on your needs and preferences.

Damien’s highlights reel includes:

  • Award-winning Holistic Chiropractor and Medical Researcher
  • The only Advanced Proficiency Rated DC for Activator Methods in Dorset and Hampshire (see
  • SD Protocol Provider – for people in a chronically stressed state
  • PhD in Immunology, Biochemistry and Endocrinology Research
  • Published Scientist (see
  • Clinical Tutor at the AECC 2007-2008
  • Certificate in Paediatric Chiropractic Practice from AECC
  • Hosts public education talks and lectures on Chiropractic for industry and community groups
  • Damien is a member of the United Chiropractic Association (UCA)

Damien’s motto is:

“From top-to-toe it has to be chiro – Chiropractic for Everybody.

Dr Mae Turrell-Taylor, MChiro

Many of our long-term practice members will recognise Dr. Turrell-Taylor. Mae has been a part of our team since 2020, working as a Technical Assistant and Receptionist while studying to become a Doctor of Chiropractic. Mae grew up in a ‘Chiropractic Family’ as her parents run Portland Chiropractic in Walsall.

“The many benefits of regular Chiropractic care have helped me meet the challenges life throws at us all. Now, as a Chiropractor, I am continually motivated by the results I see in the people I care for. I also continue to get adjusted regularly to feel and perform at my best. This is something I will always do.”

Dr. Mae Turrell-Taylor earned her Master of Chiropractic (MChiro) degree from the renowned AECC University College in Bournemouth. After graduating, she stayed on the South Coast and continued to work in Bournemouth as a Doctor of Chiropractic. We were glad to welcome her back as an experienced Chiropractor when the opportunity arose.

Mae’s commitment to excellence is clear. She has honed her skills as a highly proficient Chiropractic adjustor through several post-graduate practical workshops. People under her care benefit from her technical skill and strong philosophical drive to empower them to take control of their health and vitality.

“I believe the body has an innate ability to self-protect, self-regulate, and self-heal. Chiropractic Care is rooted in influencing neurological function essential to holistic health. So simple yet so extraordinarily brilliant.”

Mae is also a talented musician. We hope that Deborah Harry never hears her sing and play, as she may tempt her to tour with Blondie. Mae works on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Expect to hear more Blondie on our playlist on those days!

Dr Callum R Williams, MChiro

Callum is a popular member of our team. Many of the people he cares for have given glowing testimonials.

Here is just one:
“I feel very good and have a lot more energy and a more positive outlook in every way. I am still amazed that so much has been achieved in a short period of time. The best part is feeling happy after years of depression, I never expected to ever feel this way again. Walking is improved, and I am able to go further. I can do everyday things that backache hindered. I can feel that my posture has improved and am more conscious of keeping it that way. I sense that creativity, that has been absent for a long time, will soon return”.

Dr. Williams joined our office as a Doctor of Chiropractic in 2022, quickly establishing himself with quiet confidence and assuredness. Callum was born and bred in Southbourne. Members of his family have been consulting Dr. O’Dwyer in Bournemouth and New Milton for over a decade.

Callum remembers: “What really inspired me to pursue a career in Chiropractic was remembering my father’s experience with it. I saw first-hand the positive impact it had on his life. During my early adolescence, he had a painful and quite debilitating case of low back pain. The improvement Chiropractic had on him was clear to see. At a time where nothing seemed to help his pain, going from almost bed bound to walking around freely was remarkable. He was also able to get back to work”.

Dr. Williams studied at the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic, University of South Wales in Glamorgan. He earned a “Master of Chiropractic with Distinction”. Most importantly, his caring nature and excellent adjusting skills are the perfect combination in a Chiropractor.

Callum is a keen golfer (aren’t they all?) and works out regularly at the gym. He practices what he “preaches” and gets regular chiropractic care, primarily to improve his golf (as all golf professionals do!).


Massage is available to complement your chiropractic care. We have 2 highly-qualified Remedial and Sports Massage Therapists with years of experience. A close liaison is maintained between the Massage Therapists and the Doctors of Chiropractic. This ensures that people’s progress goes according to plan, and massage may be suggested as part of chiropractic management.

Massage techniques used complement chiropractic care. Some benefits of massage are the breaking down of muscle tightness, increasing blood flow and waste product elimination, improving flexibility, and reducing aching and stiffness.

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