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We’ll Meet again…

We’ll meet again – Don’t know where – Don’t know when

But I know we’ll meet again some sunny day

Keep shining through just like you always do

And I know we’ll meet again some sunny day

Keep washing your hands – it always is the best of plans

And I know we’ll meet again some sunny day

Smile & Wave when we greet – just remember to keep six feet

And I know we’ll meet again some sunny day

Look after your wellness – you know its up to us

And look forward to the feel of that sunny day

And even in your illness – know you have friends  – like us

And we’ll provide tips to do from day to day

Eat the best of food – And go easy on the booze

Get some Vitamin D from the sun each day

And drink plenty of water – Like you know you always oughta

And you’ll beat this bloody bug… Keep it away

Be kind to yourself and to those you’re cooped up with

Because we have to get through this – There’s no other way

Now’s no time for petty rifts – Practice Togetherness

And I know we’ll get through this … To better days

Early to bed – Try to keep a calm, clear head

Use this time to re-create … And grow each day

Stretch your back and neck – Keep spinal movement well in check

Go and get your beauty sleep – And nap each day

It is only for this time That I had to write this rhyme

Don’t hoard your own stockpile – Give it away

Don’t act like a chav – Just be grateful for what you’ve have

And know we’ll meet again some sunny day

DON’T JOIN THE TOLL – Hope you have enough loo roll?


(Apologises to Vera Lynn)

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