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We Will Stay Open

We know you may be concerned about whether we will be closing our doors, because of the second national lockdown.


We want to reassure everyone that Chiropractic care will be available. 


We continue to be exempt from closure under the Health Protection (Coronavirus Restrictions) (England) Regulations 2020, as we are Healthcare.   Our work helps to promote health and takes pressure off the NHS.


However, Massage Therapy is likely to be suspended for the duration of the lockdown.  We will contact everyone with a booking when the situation is clarified.


Back in March, we made the decision to close temporarily, prior to the announcement of the first lockdown. We did this in order to conduct a thorough risk assessment  and put our protocol in place.


The latest government announcement encouraged people to continue accessing necessary and routine healthcare from the NHS. 

Accessing your regular Chiropractic care does not constitute breaking the rules of the lockdown and are in line with government guidelines.


We are following all of the measures as outlined by Public Health England (and more!).  We will risk-assess each individual appointment and have extra measures in place if required.


If you have concerns, just call 01425 620 222. 


We continue to monitor the protocol and updated it as recently as 2 weeks ago.

We added an automated screening email, sent prior to each appointment. 

When you receive it, please take a minute to complete it, as it does make sure we can risk-assess each visit.


It is also a moment for you to do a risk / benefit analysis, taking into account your personal situation.

If you have any concerns about coming in, please call.

We will be guided by your needs, preferences and decisions.


Of course, we have suspended our cancellation at short notice fees.


We feel the right thing to do now, is be available to assist you keeping up your care and helping you to cope better with the added stresses and their effects in the current time.


Dr Damien T. O’Dwyer

BSc PGDipSc MChiro PhD

Principal Doctor of Chiropractic at New Milton Chiropractic.

Please call us now to book your assessment - 01425 620222

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