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Before Preparing the Turkey – Prepare Yourself to Cope

The festive season brings us all extra stresses: emotional, mental and physical.  There will be unusual amounts of lifting, bending, over-reaching, carrying, cooking, cleaning, climbing (into the loft), organising, rushing, driving long distances, anxiety, late nights and over-indulging.

 Your body goes into the Fright, Flight, Fight or Freeze mode in stressful situations.  When this goes on for too long it impedes your normal functions, including stamina, strength, thinking, planning, sleep and mood.  We feel “on edge”.

Our normal, healthy state is where the body can focus on Resting, Digesting, Healing and Feeling closer to the people around us.  Everything  is “easier”.  That feeling is what we hope for in the festive season.  That moment after the big meal, when we relax with our nearest and dearest – makes it all worthwhile.  Peace on earth and goodwill to all.

A couple of decisions can ease festive pressure.  The first is to “let go” of the vision of a “perfect day” –  an almost impossible goal, fraught with potential frustration and upset.  Who cares if the sprouts are burnt?  Secondly, ask for help if you need it, share the load and the anticipation.

Chiropractic is also known to help people cope with stressful situations.  Chiropractic adjustments can switch your nervous system from Fright & Flight to Heal & Feel responses.  This promotes the control and calmness we all crave, so you can thoroughly enjoy this wonderful time of year.

Before even starting to shop, wrap, cook, or decking the halls – is there something vital that you have forgotten to do?  Is your body holiday-ready?  Have you built in the strength, stress-resilience and stamina to cope with all the extra work?  

No? … Add a Chiropractic Assessment to the top of your Christmas List!

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