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Sorry … Our Doors Are Closed For The Next 3 Weeks

Dear NMC family,
Sadly we have decided to close our clinic from Close of Business Monday.
We believe it is in the best interests of our staff, everyone who walks through our doors and our community far and wide.
We have amazing golden oldies living in the New Forest and along the coast, and we honour them all.
We especially treasure the many 70, 80 and 90 year olds we care for deeply.
We know you will appreciate that it has not been an easy decision.
We also want to play our part in responding to the request from NHS workers, in the hope that every person in the UK, who needs critical care, will receive it.
We believe in Spatial Distancing NOT Social Disconnection!!
We will be here, in the virtual world, throughout the closure (to quote the Queen ” whether it be long or short”).
Your chiropractor will be in touch shortly to give you their direct contact details.
We will also be checking the answer phone and Messenger, and will get back to you asap.
You can look forward to lots of helpful information, with a dollop of Damien’s humour, in regular FB posts .
Please get in touch any time. Share this with any family or friends who might like to connect with us and get this information in future.
We will be there, with our doors open wide, and big smiles on our faces, when this is over.
Love to you all

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