Our reputation has grown through personal recommendations and people come to our clinic from throughout the New Forest area and as far afield as Poole, Bournemouth, Southampton, Oxfordshire and even Kenya!

We greatly appreciate the many testimonials we receive about the benefits people get from our chiropractic care, including a wonderful poem from Gareth.

Our aim is to help you get your life back, as the feedback here demonstrates.

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Damien is an excellent Chiropractor. Totally understands how you are feeling and knows your ailments before you tell him! Don’t know where I’d be without his Chiro sessions.
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Fran Carpenter
All staff at the clinic are kind and helpful, and the surroundings are bright and uplifting as you walk in, which gives a very positive feel to the place. I know my pain cannot be completely cured, but having the support of Damien's expertise and vast experience helps me to live with it on a day-to-day basis. I would like to thank Damien and all his team for the care I have been given over the years. The practice always feels welcoming.
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Sue Stickley
I have always found Damian extremely helpful and always managing to resolve any physical ache or pain that I have. I am aware that coming regularly helps to keep me moving and minimizing risks of long-term damage, particularly with my back.
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Susie Rice-Mundy
I have been very pleased with all the treatment I have received, and the care which has been taken. Damian has, I feel, been able to treat a number of areas of pain successfully, using a variety of practices. The initial assessment was very thorough too. I must admit that I have been surprised at the effectiveness of the treatment, as I was quite skeptical at the outset, but pretty desperate to do something. Friends had given various opinions about Chiropractic. I would now recommend it to anyone suffering pain or discomfort. I am a convert! Thank you so much for all the help. I do not need to take painkillers, but I will carry on coming for adjustment sessions.
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Marion Slade
I have had several chiropractors in various areas during the last 25 years but have not felt so at ease and confident as I do now with Damien. I know he will help me to the best of his ability no matter what the problem.
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Elaine Lawrence
I am very satisfied with the treatment I have been getting from Damien and the significant improvement it has made in my posture and physical well-being. I initially went to New Milton Chiropractic due to problems rotating my neck. The issues I had were much more wide-ranging than just my neck, and all these are being successfully addressed as the sessions progress. I would certainly recommend New Milton Chiropractic, whose services are excellent.
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Mike Holker-Barnes
Very friendly, reassuring, and efficient team. Chiropractic is working for me, and I would definitely return to New Milton Chiropractic.
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Rosemary D-Jones
It would not be an exaggeration to say that the treatment Dr. Williams gave me has been a life-changing experience. He treated my chronic back pain for six weeks, and now I am pain-free. Little did I suspect that, in addition, the accompanying depression and brain fog that had compounded the backache would also disappear. Now that I am rid of both back pain and unhelpful thinking, I feel transformed and ready to embrace a new HAPPY life with gratitude beyond words. New Milton Chiropractic ensures a warm welcome from the friendly staff, complemented by colorful and cheerful surroundings. I would recommend it to anyone wishing to receive first-class results. "I feel very good and have a lot more energy and a more positive outlook in every way. I am still amazed that so much has been achieved in a short period of time. The best part is feeling happy after years of depression; I never expected to ever feel this way again. Walking is improved, and I am able to go further. I can do everyday things that backache hindered. I can feel that my posture has improved and am more conscious of keeping it that way. I sense that creativity, that has been absent for a long time, will soon return."
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Thea Olrog
"Having suffered from scoliosis for a number of years, Damien and Kermin have worked wonders - I am no longer in pain permanently and am able to attend the gym and totally enjoy my life - who needs painkillers?"
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Jenny Maraspin
"I had a recurring back and hip problem. I am now pain free thanks to the treatment received from Kermin . Very professional service and I would recommend this chiropractic clinic."
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Carol Corley
"I believe in preventative care and find that regular visits to Jon are keeping me flexible and healthy. Although treatment can be noisy it is not painful. Thank you, Jon, for your care."
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Su Kensley
"Excellent service. I have regular treatment from Jon but have also been treated by Damien and Kermin and would not hesitate to recommend all three of them."
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Moyra Williams
"Excellent care. Damien works wonders to keep me mobile & active. Long since ditched the painkillers."
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Maggie Neal
"We all start to creak a little over time, and Damien has worked wonders for myself and my husband keeping us mobile."
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Jackie Duff
"I was a total sceptic about benefits of chiropractors and thought they were just for bad backs .... (I was having issues with my ankle and thumb joints) but Damien worked magic and after less than six weeks I was back to walking 20 miles again without any issues. He is so knowledgeable and knows exactly what’s hurting and why, I always feel better and more mobile after treatment and suffer if I don’t keep my regular appointments. I would highly recommend him - the clinic is managed by a great team of very friendly staff."
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Helen Manley
"Great service, brilliant results. Love it."
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Robert Viney
"I came to see Kermin after GP had diagnosed sciatica and the physio said he could do no more for me. I didn’t quite know what to expect having never visited a chiropractor before. But on walking into the clinic it felt very relaxing always good information on display and the decor had a calming effect - receptionists are also very welcoming. I started going twice a week I am now down to once every two weeks - Kermin is great at her job very knowledgeable and I am always asking questions which she answers fully . I was recommended to the practice by another patient who I randomly bumped into ! Thank you all :)"
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Andree Day
"Wonderful clinic, especially Dr Damien O’Dwyer, who has managed to cure the bursitis in my legs and get me mobile enough to dance again! Also, he really helped me recover more quickly from a broken toe. I now attend every 4 weeks or so for general maintenance and couldn’t praise this clinic highly enough."
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Linda Newell
"A very friendly and knowledgeable practice. I would highly recommend."
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D Cresswell
"All the staff here are lovely and Jon and Damien are very professional. I slipped two discs and could not walk coming here really helped me and eased the pain."
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Cheryl Hanrahan
"I had sciatica 7 years ago while pregnant and I feel very lucky that I have found Damien, who helped me to be able to move again. I am a believer of Chiropractic treatments ever since. I even took my baby for a check-up after birth. I always get the right attention and treatment in the New Milton Chiropractic Clinic. Highly recommend it."
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Hajnalka Hernadi
"I was initially a little sceptical about how much chiropractic could help me but after being treated by Damien for some time, I have felt so much better. He is very knowledgeable, and I always feel an improvement after treatment. He is also very approachable and easy to talk to. I always recommend New Milton Chiropractic Clinic to friends and family."
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Pieter Wickes
"After years as a boxer and plasterer my body was falling apart. Since seeing Damien, I am stronger and fitter. He keeps me going which is nothing short of a miracle!"
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John Trafford
"I knew I was in safe hands. I explained about my Fibromyalgia, a pain syndrome, and Damien took great care not to flare my condition, with his extensive knowledge & attention. He made every treatment a gift."
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Georgina Copeley-Williams
"Damien is a great Chiropractor. I started seeing Damien in March 2018 and I am feeling a lot better now than I was then. I have jaw alignment issues and Damien treats the whole body from top to toe which I find extremely useful for my particular circumstances. Damien is extremely knowledgeable and always improving his knowledge and techniques. I would highly recommend this practice and Damien."
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Nicky Masters
"I had a bad fall down a flight of stairs about 8 years ago. I jumped the hoops to be treated through the NHS and it needless to mention that they could not help me at all with the severe back pain and inability to move properly. I was devastated by this since I am a dancer so moving freely was always in my blood. So this being taken away from me was extremely challenging. I tried various alternative treatments and have seen two chiropractors before I met Damien O'Dwyer. Nobody, except Damien could help me with this issue. I am his client for 6 years now and can tell that I am pain free and my back problem was resolved under a couple of months. His expertise is unbeatable within the field of chiropractic and I am going to be forever grateful that he basically gave my life back by being able to sort out my back problem. He became my first port of call if I have any health issues and have been recommending him to many friends and family members and will continue to do so. He adjusted me throughout good and bad, pregnancy loss and successful pregnancy as well and since my daughter was born, he is treating her as well. He became our family doctor. I will always be forever grateful for his expertise and will continue to recommend him and the New Milton Chiropractic Clinic."
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Bernadett Kasza
"I first visited Jonathan Melhuish in 2003 when I moved from Dorset. My chiropractor there recommended him. I had been involved in a car accident in 2002 resulting in intense pain affecting my bladder and waterworks. These intensely painful episodes recurred quite regularly and with a vengeance. I felt immediate relief when I visited Jon which was essential as the pain was so acute and really unbearable. Through my visits to Jon, these episodes gradually reduced until I became pain free. More recently I have been visiting Jon due to back and pelvic joint pain. This seems to be due to my work which has involved years of overseas travel involving the constant sitting on flights and many hours per day pouring over a laptop. Also, I'm sure that picking up grandchildren at weekends hasn't helped! Jon is treating me and once again I'm feeling the benefit. Jon is knowledgeable, patient, kind and gentle. I thoroughly recommend Jon."
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Lesley Whitlock
“I came to see Damien because of pelvic misalignment, a stiff neck with severe headaches and a hand injury from a car accident. I turned to chiropractic after my GP incorrectly diagnosed me and sent me away with a ‘diet sheet’!!! Chiropractic gave me back my life. It has improved my performance stamina and finally I became pain free. Damien is always very understanding and hugely knowledgeable. I always understand what is happening and how it can help me.”
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Peter Murdock-Saint
Concert Pianist - Bransgore
“I consulted Dr Lawyer for help with multiple problems. I had a dislocated coccyx, knee and neck problems (after car crashes) and myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME). The results have been amazing! My coccyx was great after three sessions. I stopped getting daily headaches, whole body pain was significantly reduced and I feel like I’ve got a new body. I can exercise again now and rest without pain too. It has changed my life in every way possible. Kermin taught me stretches and exercises that have helped my ME symptoms significantly reduce. I hardly take painkillers and I took them daily before.”
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Giles Milner
NVQ Assessor
“I had acute lower back spasm. The results with Jon have been excellent and made a huge impact on my life. I am back at work and fighting fit.”
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Kevin Binns
Plumbing and Heating Engineer - New Milton
“Damien is a talented chiropractor, always prepared to think outside the box to find a solution to people’s pain and problems. He practises like no other chiropractor I have ever visited with an amazing variety of techniques and in-depth knowledge. He has earned the right to call his practice ‘top to toe chiro’. I have referred a number of my patients to Damien and, like myself, they have been very impressed with his treatment.”
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Fiona Bayfield
Sport and remedial Massage Practitioner - Highcliffe
“After pregnancy and birth I had all-over back pain. I was having trouble picking up and looking after my baby. Kermin has been excellent. I felt immediately better and able to move properly again. Now I have no issues and am pain free.”
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Annabelle Howley
Graphic Designer and Full-Time Mum - New Milton
“I had constant head and neck pain from old injuries. I am now pain free, with only occasional discomfort. I then return to Jonathan for maintenance care. It has been practically life changing. To be pain free is a positive change.”
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Lorna Heath
Social Carer - Milford-On-Sea
“Recurring pain in my lower back brought me to New Milton Chiropractic. Kermin conducted thorough investigations and the treatment has been excellent. It has kept the pain under control and I now visit the clinic each six weeks.”
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David Phillipson
Emeritus Professor - New Milton
“My main problem was with my back. Jon corrected the problem and good maintenance keeps me generally in good condition.”
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John Bird
Retired Electrical Engineer - New Milton
“I came to the clinic with problems with my pelvis. Kermin has been great and I was able to get back to my normal lifestyle.”
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Tina Law
Administrator - Highcliffe
“My problems were recurrent back pain, torn muscles and joints that seize up. Kermin, Damien and Jon have been excellent and chiropractic is exactly what I needed. It allows me to be pain free.”
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Peter Clode
Retired - New Milton
“My upper back and shoulders were giving me problems. Damien has done a great job. Regular treatment helps maintain my health and fitness.”
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Siubhan O’Neill
Support Worker - Highcliffe
“Damien is an outstanding Chiropractor. He is a wonderful blend of skilled practitioner and intuitive healer. I have a chronic back and neck condition and without his care I would be unable to function effectively. He is exceptionally kind and builds excellent rapport with his patients. Unlike many chiropractors I have visited Damien works with me and not on me and for that I am immensely grateful. He is a fantastic teacher and has helped me understand my condition and helped me to develop the knowledge to help myself effectively. I have recommended him to several people and they have all been delighted with how he has helped them. He has a particularly wonderful way with children and people with learning disabilities. I know that I am not alone in saying that I would follow him to any clinic he chooses to work in!”
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Christina Bush
Director – Social Facilitators - Winchester
"I have been seeing Jonathan Melhuish for many years with periodic back and neck problems and visit him approximately every 6 weeks for maintenance. I have always found Jonathan to be very empathetic in his approach and is always willing to attempt new techniques if tried and tested methods don't sometimes seem to work. Jonathan has an extremely professional approach to his work and regularly attends national and international conferences to widen his knowledge. I would certainly recommend him to anyone who is either seeking a chiropractor for the first time or someone who wishes to change chiropractor."
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Mike Crockett
Retired – Christchurch
“I consulted Jon Melhuish for lower back pain, he is extremely thorough and the treatment is excellent. I find that having regular 6 weekly treatments enables me to have more mobility – often pain free. In addition the receptionist staff are very polite, pleasant and efficient- customer service at its best!”
New Milton Chiropractic Favicon
Jenny Crockett
Retired – Christchurch
“I had problems with my back, neck and hands. Under Damien’s care I am walking better, standing erect and mostly I feel younger!”
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Marjorie Yates
Retired Business Owner - New Milton
“I have been a patient at the New Milton Chiropractic Clinic for 20 years. The staff are always kind and helpful. I have had wonderful treatment for different problems over the years and have come to trust and rely on them completely.”
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Mrs Eileen Rogers
“I have been a patient for 17 years and do a 40 mile round trip for my treatment. It always helps to keep me flexible. I have great faith in this practice and would have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone.”
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Trevor Tague

Gareths Poem

To see a world in a grain of sand
And a heaven in a wild flower
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour. (William Blake)

To see disorders of the musculoskeletal system
And corrections in an adjustment
Alignment of the spine using chiropractic wisdom
And health through activation treatment.

To see the person holistically
And their spines strength and fragility
Ordering nerves and bones flawlessly
And supporting their mobility.

To see the body’s innate intelligence
And its drive to heal
Bring the spine back in balance.
And the body on an even keel.

Gareth Phillips

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