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Now You Can See Your Ears – Are They Straight?

Were you one of the many people who queued at the hairdressers, as soon as they were open, to get your hair cut again?   

Now that you have “had your ears lowered”,  are they on straight?

An un-levelling of your ears is one of the many signs of postural distortions, a condition which could have serious and far-reaching health implications.

Your posture affects all areas of your body and everything you do, including:

  • Function of your internal organs
  • Your thinking and concentration
  • Your breathing and digestion
  • Your mood and handling stress
  • Your movement and balance
  • Your stamina and fatigue levels
  • Coordination and strength
  • Pain levels you are experiencing
  • And even your ability to heal.


Is holding a good posture, just for a couple of seconds, a strain? 

This is an indication that your nervous system is struggling to cope with one of its most basic functions, holding you up!

Follow these simple self-checks to see if your posture stands up to scrutiny:

  1. Your brain always wants your Eyes to be level – to give you the best information about the world around you
  2. Your Ears – are they level?
  3. Shoulders – does one sit higher than the other? Compare with old photos!
  4. Put your hands on your Hips – level?
  5. Do your Knees turn in or out? Is one more bent than the other?
  6. Are there any distortions at your ankles and into your feet?


Any distortion you can feel, or see in the mirror, is a sign that your posture is out of alignment.

This can be corrected.

That’s why at New Milton Chiropractic we focus on posture, as it is the Window to your Health.

Our Doctors of Chiropractic concentrate on setting up new patterns to re-establish a healthy posture.

This makes a world of difference to all ages.


We spend a lot of time, energy and money on keeping up appearances. 

There are good reasons for this as it helps our mood, gives us confidence in our social interactions and even projects our self-esteem and self-worth.

The lockdown has been the catalyst for us to take better care of our health.

Start with your posture, it impacts your whole life.

Improve your posture and improve your life!

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