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The clinic is open 6 days a week.

Monday to Friday 9am – 6pm
Saturday 9am – 5pm

Initial consultations for new patients are available every day.

Call today on 01425 620222 to make your first appointment.

The clinic is open 6 days a week.

Monday to Friday 9am – 6pm
Saturday 9am – 5pm

Initial consultations for new patients are available every day.

Call today on 01425 620222 to make your first appointment.

The Chiropractic degree is now a Master’s Degree and combines a rigorous academic programme in health sciences with extensive training in chiropractic techniques and clinical decision making.

The course includes:

Radiography (ability to take x-rays) and
Radiology (ability to read and report on x-rays)
Chiropractic Technique, Philosophy and Practice

All four of our Chiropractors are graduates from the world-renowned AECC University College in Bournemouth (https://www.aecc.ac.uk/ ).

Chiropractors must also demonstrate fitness to practise and continue their post-graduate education to qualify for annual re-registration with their governing body, the General Chiropractic Council (GCC) of the UK.

It is illegal to practise as a Chiropractor without being registered with the GCC in the UK (https://www.gcc-uk.org/).

Our Doctors of Chiropractic take a holistic approach to health and wellbeing:

  • Taking a full Medical History
  • Conducting a thorough Physical Examination
  • Taking X-Rays if indicated
  • Presenting a Report of Findings and answering your questions
  • Setting out a course of Chiropractic Care tailored to you with the goal of addressing the cause of the problem and maximising your health
  • Assessing, Adjusting, Advising – providing evidence-based care
  • Managing / Co-managing Holistically
  • Retesting, Reassessing and Referring if required

Doctors of Chiropractic are specifically trained to take and read spinal radiographs.
X-rays enable us to diagnose osteoporosis (bone thinning), infections and inflammatory arthropathies (arthritis).

They also enable us to assess the condition of joints, bones, and postural distortions which gives important information relating to the biomechanical stresses involved.

When an x-ray is indicated, your Chiropractor will discuss the risks and benefits with you.

Chiropractic Adjustments are precise, small, rapid movements of specific joints.

Adjustments are rarely painful. Joints are often inflamed, and therefore tender to touch. If the nerves are severely irritated the likelihood for soreness increases. Chiropractors are extensively trained to perform adjustments gently and safely, tailoring treatment to suit individual people and their condition at the time.

New patients are occasionally nervous receiving their first chiropractic adjustment. This frequently is about a ‘clicking’ or ‘popping’ sound that usually occurs with adjustments.

Adjusting joints is a practised skill and our Doctors of Chiropractic have 60 years combined experience.

Our Chiropractors adjust each other and our staff regularly to maintain our health and well-being.
Adjustments aim to restore optimal joint movement, removing interference to nerve function and alleviating irritation. Chiropractic care not only aims to relieve symptoms but to restore and maintain optimal health and wellbeing.

The popping noise is simply the sound generated from the gapping of restricted joints and the release of gasses from the synovial fluid.

It is a natural response to the movement generated by the adjustment and represents no risk to the function of the joint. It is an indication that the joint has moved through its full range of motion. The restoration of motion to restricted joints is a major aim of the chiropractic adjustment.

Still don’t like the sound of that?
New Milton Chiropractic is the place for you!

That is because Our Doctors of Chiropractic have techniques that can adjust your spine and other joints without the association of the popping noise.

Our Clinic has specific expertise with Paediatric touch and hold techniques, NeuroImpulse Protocols (NIP) and Activator Methods (www.activator.com). These include systematic approaches to effective whole body adjusting, which are gentle enough for use in all age-groups: another reason why we are known for whole body health and whole family care.

Chiropractic Services:

First Consultation (excluding x-rays) and Report of Findings: £47

If X-Rays are Clinical Indicated Digital Radiographs are available in-house for: £97

We offer pay-as-you-go adjustment session rates and discounted pre-booked /
pre-paid adjustment rates.

Massage Therapy Services:

We offer massage therapy sessions: The cost depends on the duration of the

Good health does not cost – it pays. Your Health is your greatest Wealth.

Most health insurers cover chiropractic care. You do not need to have a doctor’s referral in most cases.

The cover depends on the type of policy you have, and the amount covered varies. Our clinic will not directly bill insurance providers. We provide receipts so you can make a claim from your insurer.

Check with your health fund for all their terms and conditions.

Call today on 01425 620222 to make your first appointment.

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