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2020 Vision for a Healthy New Decade!

This New Year signalled the start of a new decade.

Rather than make resolutions just for this year, it is an opportunity to ask where you want to be in ten or twenty years!

Do you want to be healthy, active, independent and living life to the full?


How do you want to celebrate your 100th birthday?

The number of centenarians is increasing rapidly, especially in our part of the world.

It is realistic to look that far ahead and plan for it.

What lifestyle changes can you make now that will support health and wellbeing well into the future?


“The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago, the second-best time is now”. (Chinese proverb.)   

So, the good news is, that it’s never too late!

Every day we can make healthier choices.

Do that 366 times in 2020 and you will create new habits, which create that new life-enhancing lifestyle.


Habits build health. 

Good habits build good health – bad habits build bad health.

You see, nothing in nature stays the same.

Everything is constantly changing.

All living things, us included, are either building up or breaking down, healing and repairing or wearing and tearing, growing and regenerating or wasting and degenerating.

Ultimately you are merely surviving or actually thriving!

Proactive health plans focus on promoting renewal and vitality at every stage of life.


Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

Life is less about finding yourself and more about creating yourself.

You are the result of everything you have done and everything you have not done in your life to this point.

What you become depends on what you do next!

We all have choices that influence our quality of life as we age.

Sometimes it is difficult to know where to start or what is possible.


We take pride in our roles as Doctors of Chiropractic.

The term “Doctor” really means “Teacher”.

So, we offer many educational resources in New Milton Chiropractic aimed at allowing you to make healthier choices on a daily basis.

If you want a DREAM life, we can spell it out for you.

We coach people on Diet, Rest, Exercise, Alignment and Motivation.

We provide tips on all of these topics, and more, in our centre.


Start where you are, use what you have, and build on it to create your best life.

This is why the people, who have been adjusted at New Milton Chiropractic over our 38-year history, say they have more life in their years and more years in their life.


Imagine looking back in a year, or ten, or even at your 100th birthday and feeling grateful for the decisions you took in January 2020.

That would make this new year one to celebrate.


Dr Damien T. O’Dwyer
BSc PGDipSc PhD MChiro DC


Dr O’Dwyer was a Medical Researcher in Australia for 10 years, completing a PhD in Autoimmunity.  His research combined Immunology, Endocrinology and Biochemistry.  He then graduated with a Master of Chiropractic from Bournemouth’s AECC, winning the award for the ‘Most Holistic Practitioner’.  He now leads the team of 4 chiropractors at New Milton Chiropractic.

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