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A Royal Welcome or Basil Fawlty?

A Royal Welcome or Basil Fawlty? –

Is It Time to Celebrate the Bad Host?


One of the hallmarks of British polite society is the pride we take in being an accommodating host – this, however, is not the time for good hosts!


The good host does not prepare for the worst. 

They do not erect barriers – leaving the drawbridge down, making it easier for attacks, and harder to defend.

Co-existing conditions means fighting on multiple fronts, which is also problematic. 

Long-term health challenges (chronic conditions), lower your resistance thresholds, stamina and resilience.

This will put you in a high-risk group and limit your immune response.


In these “unprecedented” times it is best to be a bad host! 

That is to make it as hard as possible for the Covid guest to gain entry, stay, and wreak havoc on our body.

A bad host will put many obstacles in the way of the foreign invader. 

They will defend their castle.

Within our bodies our immune system forms our defences: keeping viruses out… or, if not successful in the first objective, to use all the methods available to defeat the intruder.

The bad host will expend a lot of time and energy on curtailing foreign bodies.


The best of bad hosts are vigilant:  expending energy to build strong defences well before the threat is imminent.

These people examine their Diet, Rest, Exercise, adding in Adjustments, staying Mentally strong and taking Supplements.

This proactive approach gives them the best chance of resisting the illness, or to build a high health threshold to recover as quickly as possible.

This is the salutogenic strategy of wellness.


The Chief Scientific Officer said they have no cure for COVID19.

There are no specific drugs to target this virus as yet.

They can only hope to keep you alive for long enough to allow your immune system to help your body to recover from the infection.


It is a cliché that “what does not kill us makes us stronger”. 

This truism springs from the immune system having a memory, with a ruthlessly efficient way of dealing with an infective agent that it has encountered before.

It wipes infections out without causing a threat to your body as a whole.

You would not be alive today without proper immune responses in the past.

It happens without us even being aware of it.

Our greatest wealth is HEALTH!


Most people think health is an absence of symptoms.

Actually, having symptoms is an expression of health – evidence of an active immune response.

The essence of health is not that we never get sick, but that we can adapt, survive and continue to thrive.

At New Milton Chiropractic, we concentrate not on what makes us ill, but what makes us well – salutogenesis not pathogenesis.

If you need tips on how to be a bad host – CALL US – we are experts

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